Infrared Moisture Detection in Athens, GA and its Environs

Leaking pipes can cause a myriad of problems. Faulty insulation system and poor ventilation can lead to moisture accumulation as well. Regardless of the reason, when moisture intrudes walls, ceilings and floors and goes unresolved, it can seriously damage your home or building. Aside from that, water contamination can lead in serious health issues.

Extended presence of moisture in an enclosed space can encourage growth of molds and bacteria. Also, it would result to proliferation of wood eating insects and the eventual decay of building materials.

Enter Infrared Moisture Detection

Leaks that causes moisture build-up might be difficult to pinpoint but nothing escapes from an infrared imaging camera. It is is ultra-sensitive that even the tiniest change in infrared radiation from nearby objects are easily picked up. Moisture presence which can’t be seen with your naked eye is quickly recorded by the device as a thermal image. This allows us to quickly identify the exact location of moisture or leaks.

With our infrared leak detection equipment, we can identify the exact spot of the water leaks with great precision – all that without digging into or otherwise destroying your property.

How Infrared Moisture Detection Work?

As a homeowner, you might be wondering how exactly does infrared moisture detection work? Well, the procedure relies on the use of a sophisticated camera to measure minute difference in temperature within the radius being investigated. Our leak detection specialists can read the thermal imaging output to sift through the colder and warmer surface areas and then locate the source of the leak.

Residents of Athens, GA and it’s environs can tap the expertise of Mr. Leak Detection to find the source of leaks in their plumbing systems and have that us fix it as soon as possible.

Among others, that advantages of infrared camera water leak detection are:

  • Capability of insprecting a large area in a short period of time
  • Non-invasive. Such that, no walls, concrete floor or lawn gets destroyed to undertake the procedure
  • Highly reliable results