Water Pipe Leak Detection Services

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A slab leak detection requires a highly specialized skill that not all plumbers have. A leak in your plumbing system can lead to damages that range from molds, odors and structural damage. The first thing that you’ll notice if you have an underground pipe leak is high utility bills. To diagnose, detect and subsequently repair slab leaks, requires both skill and equipment. To fix those subterranean pipe networks would need a reputable company who is professional, and adequately equipped.

The last thing that you want for this kind of company is to cut into walls or break up concrete indiscriminately causing tremendous inconvenience and cost. Mr. Leak Detection is no such company. On the contrary, it practices, non-invasive leak detection using tools like hydrophones, snake cameras, to infrared moisture detectors.

Regardless of the cause of the leak, we can find and fix them. This is not as easy as it sounds, but if you are aware what to look for, you will be able to locate the problem before it gets out of hand. In fact, knowledge that you are at a high possibility for develop for leaks– if your plumbing are old or if they are often exposed to extreme environment, for instance– is a good enough need to have a leak detection professional come out and spot the leak.

The basic and most important to know if this is happening is to of course monitor your water bill for signs of big water usage increase. Invariably, there are times of the month or of the year when you can expect to consume more water. But if your water bill suddenly increased for no reason that you can know of, chances are there is a leak along the length of your pipes. You should also consider a leak, if you observe moist areas on your ceiling or walls or if water accumulates in some areas of your house of building. Unusual puddles in your yard are a sign that there could be a problem with the pipes running underground.