Video Pipe Inspection in Athens, GA

Mr. Leak Detection uses a sophisticated technology to locate leaking pipes in your plumbing system.

A leaking pipe has several indications but the only way to really determine the existence of those leaks from the suspected area of your plumbing system is to use an appropriate inspection tool. While a hydrophone can detect leaks using audio, we believe that the best and by far the most reliable way of leak detection is using a video camera.

Mr. Leak Detection has snake camera equipment that can be inserted into small openings and crevices. This technology will make us sure that underlying issues or ruptures can be accurately identified and fixed. Indeed, taking a video of the internal structure and integrity of any home or commercial property can result to thousands of dollars in savings for treatment and pumping. With our full color, pan and tilt camera, we have a capability to give your a full-length tour of manhole and sewer conditions. We also correlate this to the audio feed that helps pinpoint the problems thus giving you a clear perspective of specific problem areas to accompany our computer generated job sheets.

This state of the art pipe inspection technique is the core of the non-invasive technique of diagnosing leaks, clogs, and pipe breaks. This way, our technicians, can avoid excavation, which oftentimes causes further damage, incorrect plumbing repairs, and many other costly mistakes.

Mr. Leak Detection has some of the most advanced equipment to detect pipe leaks and repair them quickly. Whether it is simple clog or pipe replacement in your entire plumbing system we can do it for you.